It is with immense pleasure that I welcome you all to the 2nd Matriculation Ceremony of the Bayelsa State College of Arts & Science. I passionately congratulate the matriculating students for successfully meeting the criteria for admission. I also felicitate with families and friends of the matriculating students.

I applaud the unflinching support the College has received from the Bayelsa State Government under the able and visionary leadership of Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson, who is the Visitor to the Institution. His dogged commitment to the success of this institution is a factor too important to downplay.

The College has received tremendous financial support from the Bayelsa State Government since its establishment and invaluable moral support from the Ministry of Education. Effort is continually made to ensure that facilities are up-to-date for academic work. These efforts have contributed principally to successes recorded over time.

The College currently runs a varied number of National Diploma Programmes amongst which three has interim accreditation while awaiting full accreditation. We are working assiduously to achieve accreditation of more programmes. It is important to note that the College has introduced new Certificate Programmes in Fine Arts and Industrial Design, Fisheries and Shoe Making at the Centre for Entrepreneurial Development.

In a short while our students are to benefit from the paid SIWES scheme of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF).

By June this year, the College would be five years old and we are matriculating 434 Students and have so far produced two (2) sets of graduates who are making positive impact on society. We are focused on producing men and women equipped with strong character, integrity, and the requisite skills to advance that narrative.

We take cognizance of the expectation of parents so we resolutely place premium on instilling character that would make parents proud and strive towards imparting knowledge that engenders success.

You are standing on the threshold of the future of your aspirations. I would be doing you disservice if I assure you of an easy road ahead. The road to success is usually long, tortuous and fraught with obstacles but with unwavering determination, you will have cause to celebrate at the end of the journey. I will confidently assure you however, that the entirety of this institution and every component of it would equip you for every challenge life hurls at you in future. Your experience here will sharpen you in ways you can hardly imagine.

You have every reason to be excited today because this ceremony lays the foundation for fond campus memories you can nostalgically reminiscence on down the road. Today marks the beginning of an incredible experience. It is not unusual to view the journey as overwhelming, which may possibly evoke trepidation at some point but I am not in any doubt whatsoever that in due time, you will be calling the Bayelsa State College of Arts & Science home. I urge you to take advantage of everything available to you, as this environment provides diverse opportunities.

Open your minds and you will identify your niche. A flexible mindset would benefit you immensely. Such leeway avails you the dynamism to try new things as you steadily develop. Take on new challenges head-on. Day after day this institution will work towards propelling you closer to your goals. You will make lifelong friends, tough decisions and take landmark strides.

I admonish you to view cultism as a plague and avoid it with every fibre of your being. Our stance towards the monster is “Zero Tolerance”. We will not hesitate to show you the way out as soon as we confirm you do not belong here. We will ensure you are handed over to the relevant authorities after expulsion.

As mentioned previously, your time here will not be easy but when you accomplish your target, cherished memories have a delightfully uncanny way of obliterating traces of the rigorous climb.

Challenges you tackle and surmount add up to prepare you for the next phase of life. I charge you to make your families proud. They cannot wait to see you succeed.

Best wishes in your endeavour. Thank you and God bless you.