students affairsThe Directorate of Student Affairs is the bridge between the College Management and the Student Union Government. The directorate provide support services to Students of the College to enhance their growth and development. The office carries out various services such as advising student organizations and student leaders, conducting studies and activities to meet the needs of the whole students-Physical, emotional and mental.

The Directorate is headed by the “Dean of Student Affairs”. The office is made up of three departments namely,

  1. Guidance and Counseling
  2. Welfare
  3. Sports and Recreation.

The guidance and counseling department provides individual and group counseling, consultation, crisis, and prevention/intervention services for academic, career, and social/emotional/mental health issues. This department gives recommendations for admissions, enrollment, and student orientation programmes.

The Welfare department provides effective and efficient services on campus life. Campus life is about campus safety, community service, student conduct, and student Union Government.

Sports and recreation department provides activities to promote fitness, wellness, and mental alertness. The department ensure the College participation in sporting activities such as the Nigerian Polytechnic Games (NIPOGA), the West African Polytechnic Games (WAPOGA), and all other sporting activities.

  • Campus safety is about collaborating with law enforcement agencies to provide intervention and prevention of campus crime for public safety.
  • Community service entails engaging students in on-and off-campus community service and experimental learning opportunities.
  • Student conduct refers to enforcing College standards and codes of conduct.
  • Student Union Government. This entails supervising student leadership and providing leadership opportunities, providing a variety of support for spirituality, faith – based and religious services, and assists students to benefits scholarships and aids either from Federal, State or other donor agencies.

The Directorate of Student Affairs of the Bayelsa State College of Arts and Science is functioning creditably in the various areas of service provision. The office is very effective and efficient in service delivery. Through its various activities and programmes, a very cordial relationship has been established between the School Management and students thereby creating a very peaceful and conducive academic environment.

The fatherly and friendly role the office plays in the lives of students is better experienced than been told.